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09 September 2006

First Hard Disk

First Hard Disk
Part computer, part tabulator, in 1956, IBM's RAMAC was the first machine with a hard disk, which was extraordinary technology of the times. Each of its 24" diameter platters held a whopping 100,000 characters (they were not bytes then) for a total of five million characters.

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2 comments: on "First Hard Disk"

Anonymous said...

lol talk about spacious hard drive

Anonymous said...

I bought my first hard drive in about 1986 for my PC with a double-floppy, it was about 50 MB and cost me close to $300.00.

A couple of years later, I bought an add-on hard drive for my computer which came with an 80 MB. It was a 300 MB which was HUMUNGOUS! This one cost me about $450.00 but it was worth it.

I recently bought a new computer which came with a 300 GB hard drive.

How times have changed!