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25 September 2006

Panties for the Internet Addict

HTTP 403 Panties
If you have used the Internet for a few hours or more, I am sure you have run across the "404 Not Found" error page on some problematic websites, this means you've either stumbled onto the wrong page, or you’ve been snooping where you shouldn't be!

One nice thing about the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that runs the web (HTTP for short) is that it includes helpful status codes such as "404 Not Found" when a resource can’t be found and "403 Forbidden” when the web page you are trying to access disallows your access.

The creative designers from ThinkGeek come up with pretty bright ideas and printed the HTTP codes on stuff we wear. But not just any stuff - they print them on undies. They name it theHTTPanties.

Geek Panties
The 403 forbidden panties. I think this is suitable for geeky IT girls

On second thought, perhaps this is a better choice for them

The W3C compliant HTTPanties are 100% cotton and very soft, comfortable and stretchy. They are designed to fit low and have full coverage in the back. Thinking of getting one? Then, remember to visit ThinkGeek. They retail for US$7.99.

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