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03 March 2010

Who is The Real Animal - "Man Or Animal"

February 14, 2010 is Chinese New Year and it’s the year of Tiger, which is always a symbol of majesty and courage. The Chinese people have honored the tiger as “King of All Beasts” since ancient times. Also, Chinese call the outstanding athletes on the arena as “Tiger General”, meaning the athletes boasts their own incredible bravery and power just as the tigers.

The following combo-photos show the similar expressions of both the maneaters and athletes. So, those athletes are tigers reborn?

1. Whose tongue longer? The tiger or LeBron James from Cleveland Cavaliers of NBA?

6. Roaring tiger vs yelling Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal.

5. The tiger chooses chicken for dinner. Winner of Tour of France 2009 Alberto Contador Velasco prefers to bite a banana during the competition!

4. Jumping through a hoop? It is easy for both the tiger and Russian gymnast Daria Kondakova!

3. The tiger spings on prey. German goalkeeper Oliver Rolf Kahn springs to capture a shooting football.

2. Tigers fighting in water vs girls

in wrestling mud.


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