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19 July 2010

Gus Three Leged Ugly Hairless Pedigree Dog. Help Cancer

Gus the dog will change the whole world because he has won the canine victory at an annual contest in Northern California. Owner Jeanenne Teed travelled across the country from Florida to compete in the competition to show off her world’s ugliest dog called Gus.

Gus is a hairless pedigree Chinese crested dog who only has three legs, so with only 3 legs, no hair and ugly looks the poor little dog should be in hiding. But Gus deserves such victories because Ms Teed entered her pet into this competition to raise awareness and hope for people who have pets with cancer. Ms Teed said that she will give the £500 ($1,000) prize on treatment for Gus’ skin cancer. The Chinese crested breed is often the standout in the competition, we have a whole lot of love going on for Gus, and we hope he does well. Please send in your thoughts to Gus in the comments area below.


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