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29 November 2010

Stupid And Funny Fashion Wear For Office

Leave these fashions at home and far away from the office.

Wacky socks

Subtlety goes a long way in a workplace setting. Showcase your wacky side on the weekends.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Unless you coach a sports team on the collegiate or high school level, tracksuits should never see the outside of a gym.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Outrageous hair color
We’re all about freedom of expression, but funky hair color will just distract business clients and partners.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Offensive tees

Don’t wear your opinions on your sleeve or on the front of a t-shirt.

Stupid And Funny Fashion

Baseball cap
This one is for the boys. Feel free to don a baseball cap to and from work, but please remove once you step foot into the office.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Pajama day is always the best part of a high school spirit week. In the real world, flannel bottoms don’t cut it.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Unless you are a rock star leave the concert gear at home.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Ratty sweater
Leave your favorite sweater at home if it looks like a family of moths used it for Thanksgiving dinner.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Ripped jeans
If you’re lucky enough to get to get to wear jeans to work on a regular basis, don’t abuse the privilege by wearing a nasty pair.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

This footwear is best suited for the beach. Unless you’re employed as a lifeguard, save these for the weekend.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Put the girls away when co-workers are around. Showcasing your ample bosom around the office is not only distracting, but tacky.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Tube tops
Minimize the amount of skin showing at work. Tube tops not only pose bra problems, but they can’t help their revealing nature.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Baggy pants
Listen up fellas! If we can see your underwear, then you are wearing your pants too low. Only your mama and your girlfriend should know what your skivvies look like.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Keep the backless dresses and blouses on the ready for your next red carpet appearance.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Sports jerseys

If a number or the last name of another man is blazoned across your back, then you must be headed for a sporting event or an outdoor barbecue. Because the office is not a place for recreational sports.

Stupid And Funny Fashion

Cutoff shorts and belly baring
Just because you have abs of steel doesn’t mean your boss wants to see them. Cover up the belly area and stay away from shorts that once had a close and personal relationship with a pair of scissors.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

Thongs might come in pretty colors and fun designs, but don’t flaunt your favorite pair at work. This look even elicits groans at the bar.
Stupid And Funny Fashion

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