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25 August 2011

The Meal Of Death - Fried Bologna Biscuit !!!

Fried Bologna Biscuit
It's a work of mad genius: egg, cheese and fried Oscar Meyer bologna on a biscuit.

This isn't something you need to assemble behind closed curtains at home anymore -- Hardee's is putting this guiltiest of all guilty pleasures onto the menu in restaurants throughout the southeast.

And it seems like they're darned proud of it, too -- at least one restaurant has it on the marquee out front:

"Try our new fried bologna biscuit!"

Take that, Dietary Guidelines!

In case you're wondering, the fried bologna biscuit contains 610 calories, including 390 from fat, according to the company. It also packs 1620 mg of salt, or nearly a full day's worth for most people -- and with 13 grams of saturated fat, you could nearly max out on that delicious-but-deadly substance on breakfast alone.

Eating this is more of a dare than a meal, so if you don't want to take a bite, don't worry.


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