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20 March 2012

The Oldies Rock Bands Are Still On Tour

A sign that you are getting to be old is that the Classic rock and Oldies radio stations have started playing songs you remember being new in high school.

Another sign that you are getting older is that you go to see what concert tickets are available in your area and you either don’t recognize who any of the performers are or you think to yourself “Wow! They’re still going at it?”

Here are some of the bands I noticed that I can’t believe are still touring:

Reel Big Fish: Notably one of the most terrible bands of the late 90’s that I remember, how the heck are they still on tour and people still showing up to gaze at them?

The Eagles: They take their song lyrics “You can check out anytime you’d like, but you can never leave!” literally in fact.

Queensryche: They’ve been jointly for 27 years, and yet I can only think of a handful of people I know that would know who they are and possibly less people than that who would be up for still seeing them live. (Unless maybe younger kids are getting into them now?)

The Pretenders: Another band I love, but can’t believe is still putting on shows over 30 years while they first started. Chrissie Hynde just had her 57th birthday last September!

Fleetwood Mac: I love Fleetwood Mac! But they’ve been going at it since 1967…more than 40 years now!

Phish: I saw Phish live about 8 years ago. I don’t know why this one staggered me, but it did. I hadn’t thought about them or seen if they’ve had any new albums or songs since about 2001.

Chicago: Another band still in it 40 some years later, though mockingly the band doesn’t have any of its imaginative members.

It’s really amazing that these bands are still going at it. Such willpower. Such a excitement for their music. And if I take Stevie Nicks out to eat, we can save 10% off the bill thanks to the senior citizens discount!

Next time you or someone you know starts complaining about getting old, go grab yourself some concert tickets and remember if Stevie Nicks can still do it, so can you.

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