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03 July 2012

Woman Dives At Wedding In Niagara Falls

For one woman at a wedding in Niagara Falls, Canada this weekend, she went from being so close to holding that hopeful bouquet to winding up on the floor, flowerless.

The tossing of the bouquet is a wedding tradition that gets many love-lorn singles out on the dreaded dance floor in hopes of being the next to walk down the aisle.

Unfortunately for the seemingly accident prone guest, Wedding videographer Dave Tebbutt was on hand, recording the whole incident.

'There was probably so much anticipation that it looked like one girl dove for it,' he said.

'Looking back at the video, she tripped, and I wish I had another angle because apparently she smacked her head pretty hard!

Woman Dives At Wedding In Niagara Falls

One of the woman standing toward the side goes for the bouquet and accidentally trips over her feet halfway through.
'I think she was a little embarrassed she played it off pretty well,' Mr Tebbutt said.

Woman Dives At Wedding In Niagara Falls

After seeing that the woman was not injured, he immediately asked her if it was okay for him to post the 'epic' video online and she agreed instantly.
'There were a lot people at the bar so not everyone saw it, but all of the people that were watching had a good laugh,' he said.

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