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12 September 2006

Geography of Women

Between the ages of 15 - 20 a woman is like Africa.
She is half discovered, half wild .

Between the ages of 20 - 30 a woman is like America.
Fully discovered and scientifically perfect.

Between the ages of 30 - 35, she is like India & Japan.
Very hot, wise and beautiful !!!!!!!!!

Between the ages of 35 - 40 a woman is like France.
She is half destroyed after the war but still desirable.

Between the ages of 40 - 50 she is like Germany.
She lost the war but not the hope.

Between the ages of 50 - 60 she is like Russia.
Very wide, very quiet but nobody goes there.

Between the ages of 60 - 70 a woman is like England.
With a glorious past but no future.

After 70, they become Siberia.
Everyone knows where it is, but no one wants to go there.

Thanks To Webmaniacos for the women image.
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16 comments: on "Geography of Women"

Miguel said...

Nice Blog!

Kisses from Matilde!

I´m here:

Álvaro said...

Heh, thanks to you for the great content ;-)

Anonymous said...
nice one, wonderful blog you have here, great content.

Anonymous said...

this wasnt very great...or anywhere near "ha"

Anonymous said...

haha thats kinda funny. Cute girl

Anonymous said...

so, saying "america" doesn't just mean the US, because "america" covers from canada to argentina

Anonymous said...

the guy who left the comment above is a fag and shouldn't waste his time correcting the internet!!!

Anonymous said...

lol. funny stuff

Anonymous said...

Hey, some women are sexy and provocative after age 60 so that's
a generalization just the like the
others. Just ask the 3 boyfriends I
carefully juggle AND men of all ages /marital status who hit on me. Am I
a stripper?? No, an intelligent,
college educated, professional - a
nurse. Also, no, I don't flirt or
anything with a married man!

Anonymous said...

What is stupid and random is the
generalization about women. Who's
to say a woman over 60 can't be just as provocative as one over 40? Just ask the 3 boyfriends I juggle without each other knowing or the men of all ages who hit on me - married and single. No, don't even flirt with a married man. Am I a stripper or call girl? No, a college educated
professional - a nurse. As a nurse, believe me - I've seen more naked bodies than I care to recall of both sexes. You fellows also have some natural changes that come with aging, but
does that alone make you a dud or a stud in bed. With age comes
not only - hopefully - wisdom & experience but discerning taste.
Recognize a lady as a lady and
treat her accordingly. Same holds true with gentlemen vs. whore dogs.

Anonymous said...

Between the ages of 30 - 35, she is like India
& Japan.
Very hot, wise and beautiful !!!!!!!!!

But ages of 26 to 31 is exactly INDIA & JAPAN...

is that so hot

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Hot geography lol.

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