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30 September 2006


Superwoman. Does she look as cool as Superman? LOL This is what people do when they cosplay.

Super Man

She looks quite ok in this heroine costume, but could be better if the tummy was smaller.
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3 comments: on "Superwoman"

Anonymous said...

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. She looks great. What's the matter is your, tummy too fat?!

Anil said...

Great in Superwoman, but she has to put the underwear above the middi.

Anonymous said...

She's great looking and cute. Plus, that's the kind of dumb thing people say that cause girls to feel self conscious and get all anorexic. TIME TO STOP THE STUPIDITY! WHAT AGE ARE WE LIVING IN? Don't answer. In the mean time. Wow! what a great body.